Registered Student Organizations

The Office of Risk Management is willing to help students and registered student organizations manage the risks associated with their activities.

For more information on how we can assist, or for questions, please contact Marjorie Lemmon  at 203-432-0140.

A list of resources is available in the menu to the right.

Insurance Provided to Registered Student Organizations

The University carries a separate general liability insurance policy and umbrella liability policy with total limits of $2,000,000 per occurrence covering all registered student organizations.  This policy may also provide excess automobile liability insurance over any insurance carried by the owner of the vehicle.


  • Local chapters of national organizations, such as Engineers Without Borders, are expected to obtain their primary general liability insurance through the national organization. 
  • This insurance will not cover fraternities and sororities.

In order for coverage to apply, the organization must be registered with the University. All activities must be in compliance with the law, and with the Undergraduate or Graduate or Professional School regulations. Students and members of the student organizations may be held personally liable if these conditions are not met.

Personal property owned by a Registered Student Organization is not generally covered by the University’s property insurance policy. The Student Personal Property Program may provide such coverage.

For more information about insurance, please contact Marjorie Lemmon at 203-432-0410.

Events organized by Undergraduate Registered Student Organizations should be approved by the Yale College Dean’s Office. This is especially true for large scale events, events including outside parties (vendors, performers, etc.) and events involving travel.  Once the YCDO has approved the event, the Office of Enterprise Risk Management should be contacted for risk management advice and guidance.  Graduate and Professional School student organizations should contact their Dean of Student Affairs for specific instructions.

Written contracts or agreements must be used when hiring a vendor, contractor or performer for events, or when renting/leasing equipment for an event.

  • Contracts and agreements must be reviewed by the YCDO or the Dean of Student Affairs, and by Marjorie Lemmon in the Office of Risk Management and Karen Colburn in the Office of Procurement.
  • Contracts must be signed by University Administration. Students are not authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the University.
  • Yale Security or Yale Police may be required to staff your event. When you are planning an event, please make sure you contact them for guidance.
  • Yale Fire Code Compliance Services may need to inspect your event.  Please contact Customer Service at 203-432-6888 to request a work order for an inspection.
  • Think ahead.  Please allow sufficient time for evaluation of your event and contract review and signature, or your event may not take place.

All vendors, contractors, or non-Yale partner organizations hired to provide a service for Yale must have a contract for services and provide a certificate of insurance prior to commencement of activities.  Additional information is available in the Insurance Required of Outside Parties section accessible using the menu to the right.

Undergraduate registered student organizations are responsible for appointing an officer of the organization to act as the trip leader, and for notifying the Yale College Dean’s Office of the name of the appointed trip leader. The trip leader should consult Leading Group Travel on the International Toolkit for a list of their responsibilities and a list of available resources.  Graduate and Professional School organizations should contact their Dean of Student Affairs for further instructions.

The Yale International Toolkit contains a wealth of valuable information for travelers and group leaders. On that website you can find a link to the Travel Registration page, tips on things you should do before you travel, information on emergency preparedness, and on travel health and safety.  You can also link to resources available throughout the University, including CIPE, International SOS Travel Assistance, and the Yale Travel Clinic.

All travelers should review the Toolkit thoroughly prior to traveling.

Trip leaders should contact the Office of Enterprise Risk Management prior to travel. We will assist you in identifying risks and methods to mitigate these risks. Please contact Marjorie Lemmon or at 203-432-0140.

  • All Undergraduate students are required to take and pass the Driver Safety Awareness Training if they will be driving for University or Registered Student Organization purposes. Complete information on driver requirements and other information pertaining to vehicle use, can be found in the Fleet Policy. Graduate students generally are not required to take the Driver Safety Awareness Training, but should consult the Fleet Policy for more information.
  • Yale Travel Services has arranged for preferred vehicle rental agencies who will include insurance in the rental fee. Use of these vendors is strongly encouraged.
  • Use of personal vehicles for Yale sponsored activities is strongly discouraged.  When using a personal vehicle, the personal vehicle auto insurance is primary and Yale’s insurance is secondary. The driver must have a clean motor vehicle record, the vehicle must be adequately insured and maintained, and if the driver is not the owner, the owner must give permission for its use.
  • A $500 deductible will apply for property damage incurred to any Yale owned or rental vehicle.
  • Use of 12 and 15 passenger van use is prohibited.