Undergraduate registered student organizations are responsible for appointing an officer of the organization to act as the trip leader, and for notifying the Yale College Dean’s Office of the name of the appointed trip leader. The trip leader should consult Leading Group Travel on the International Toolkit for a list of their responsibilities and a list of available resources.  Graduate and Professional School organizations should contact their Dean of Student Affairs for further instructions.

The Yale International Toolkit contains a wealth of valuable information for travelers and group leaders. On that website you can find a link to the Travel Registration page, tips on things you should do before you travel, information on emergency preparedness, and on travel health and safety.  You can also link to resources available throughout the University, including CIPE, International SOS Travel Assistance, and the Yale Travel Clinic.

All travelers should review the Toolkit thoroughly prior to traveling.

Trip leaders should contact the Office of Enterprise Risk Management prior to travel. We will assist you in identifying risks and methods to mitigate these risks. Please contact Marjorie Lemmon or at 203-432-0140.