Institutional Compliance Program

The success of Yale’s continued pursuit of its mission depends on the integrity and ethical conduct of the Yale community.  Accordingly, Yale’s Institutional Standards of Conduct articulate the ethical, legal, and professional standards that govern and guide the everday actions of members of the Yale community as they contribute to Yale’s mission.  These standards are further reflected and refined in many of the University’s policies, procedures, statements, and reports, as well as in many of the laws, regulations, and other obligations applicable to Yale.

Among Yale’s standards is a commitment to comply with applicable laws and regulations.  Over the last several decades, the continued proliferation of state and federal laws and regulations applicable to colleges and universities has resulted in higher education becoming one of the most intensely regulated sectors of the United States economy.  Yale is subject to hundreds of regulatory schemes that affect nearly every aspect of the university’s operations.

Consistent with Yale’s commitment to ensure its affairs are conducted in accordance with applicable law and sound and ethical business practice, the university established an Institutional Compliance Program.