Insurance Provided to Registered Student Organizations

Insurance Provided to Registered Student Organizations

The University carries a separate general liability insurance policy and umbrella liability policy with total limits of $2,000,000 per occurrence covering all registered student organizations.  This policy may also provide excess automobile liability insurance over any insurance carried by the owner of the vehicle.


  • Local chapters of national organizations, such as Engineers Without Borders, are expected to obtain their primary general liability insurance through the national organization. 
  • This insurance will not cover fraternities and sororities.

In order for coverage to apply, the organization must be registered with the University. All activities must be in compliance with the law, and with the Undergraduate or Graduate or Professional School regulations. Students and members of the student organizations may be held personally liable if these conditions are not met.

Personal property owned by a Registered Student Organization is not generally covered by the University’s property insurance policy. The Student Personal Property Program may provide such coverage.

For more information about insurance, please contact Marjorie Lemmon at 203-432-0410.