Protecting Personal Property on the Yale University Campus

Program Description: 

Yale University does not assume responsibility for personal property belonging to students, faculty or staff.

The University urges all students to obtain insurance to protect against the unlikely occurrence of loss or damage to their personal belongings, whether living on campus or off.

Although coverage may be available through homeowner’s policies, the deductible may be high, and some coverage may be limited. Undergraduate students, faculty and staff may wish to consider obtaining insurance through the URMIA Student Property Insurance Program. This comprehensive program provides affordable personal property coverage with low deductible options, an ability to also purchase liability insurance if desired, and easy enrollment.  All transactions and communications are directly with Gallagher. The University is not involved in the administration of this program. Although the University makes this program available, it encourages the purchaser to review all options, including the use of homeowner’s insurance, to make an informed decision.  Review the website and FAQs for more information, or contact Gallagher at 1-833-529-0024 or the Office of ICERM at if you have questions.

Note: This program does not apply to graduate and professional school students who live in University owned and operated housing as those locations have a separate insurance arrangement.  Please contact with questions about that arrangement.