Program Description: 

University Fleet Policy

University Fleet Policy 1705 provides details on the University Fleet, Rental and Safety Program. This policy includes information on the purchase of vehicles, proper use, driver requirements and safety rules. Anyone who plans to use a University-owned or -rented vehicle should consult this policy prior to use.

Rental Vehicles

Yale Travel Management has negotiated contracts with preferred vehicle rental agencies. These contracts include insurance with the rental. If you rent a vehicle from one of these preferred agencies, you will not be assessed a deductible if an accident occurs. The Office of Enterprise Risk Management strongly recommends renting from one of these agencies.

If you rent from an agency other than those listed, and you have an accident, the deductibles as shown below will apply.

Insurance for rental vehicles only applies to authorized drivers.

International Rentals: if you are renting a vehicle outside of the 48 contiguous United States, please purchase the insurance with the rental.  Our insurance and the rental agency’s insurance will not apply. 

Use of Personal Vehicles

In the event of an accident while using your personal vehicle for official University business, YOUR auto insurance is always PRIMARY, and the University’s insurance is EXCESS of your primary limits for damages to a third party. Please report all accidents to your personal automobile insurance company, but advise the Office of Enterprise Risk Management of the accident as well.

Student Drivers

All students are required to take and pass the Driver Safety Awareness Training in order to be covered under Yale University’s Automobile Insurance when driving Yale owned or rented vehicles. Additional information on insurance provide to students and student organizations can be found here.

For further information or questions regarding Yale’s automobile insurance, please contact Marje Lemmon at 203-432-0140 or

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Departments will be charged a deductible of $500 per accident if the Yale driver involved was not considered to be a regular driver, or is a regular driver who has taken and passed the Driver Safety Awareness Training. The deductible charged to the department will be doubled to $1,000 per accident if the Yale driver involved was a regular driver and has not passed the Driver Safety Awareness Training. Deductibles will be assessed to the department by the Office of Enterprise Risk Management once the claim has been settled and closed by Sedgwick CMS.