Fine Arts

Program Description: 

Our Fine Arts insurance protects Yale University in the case of damage to any of our artwork or irreplaceable items, including, among other things, paintings, sculptures, tapestries, and rare books. Fine Arts claims are administered by Sedgwick CMS, the University’s third party claims administration company, with oversight provided by the Office of Enterprise Risk Management.

Most causes of damage are covered, including fire, flood, and theft, but there are exclusions or restrictions that may apply.

This coverage applies to property owned by or loaned to Yale, while located anywhere on campus, and or may be extended to cover off campus locations, subject to some limitations and contractual provisions.

Payment for the full amount of damage will be made by Sedgwick CMS directly to the Department. 

For more information on Fine Arts insurance, please contact Marje Lemmon at 203-432-0140 or

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There is a deductible of $1,000 per claim, and deductibles will be assessed to the department by the Office of Enterprise Risk Management once the claim is settled and closed by Sedgwick CMS.