Practice Areas

Corporate Governance

The attorneys in the Corporate Governance practice area advise on the operation of the University in accordance with its governing documents and in compliance with ethical and regulatory requirements applicable to its activities.  Key topics include the application of Yale’s governing documents, maintaining Yale’s tax exempt status, conflicts of interest and commitment, signature delegation, and Yale’s Institutional Standards of Conduct.

Digital Media/Information Technology Law

The attorneys in the Digital Media/Information Technology Law practice area advise on legal issues related to the use of computers and the Internet.   Key topics include information security; privacy; digital dissemination of Yale intellectual property; use of and access to digital resources; online expression and conduct; and electronic records management.

Environmental Health & Safety

The attorneys in the Environmental Health & Safety practice area advise on matters pertaining to physical safety of individuals on campus, including compliance with legal mandates for safety and reducing risk, interfacing with enforcement authorities as appropriate.  Key topics include laboratory and workplace safety, controlled substance and hazardous waste management, and radiation and chemical safety.

Health Law

The attorneys in the Health Law practice area advise on a broad range of issues that impact medical education, research and clinical care.  Key topics include medical billing, malpractice and liability, Affordable Care Act implementation, licensure and accreditation, sponsored research, and clinical trials.

Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer

The attorneys in the Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer practice area advise on matters related to the University’s intellectual property rights and assets, including copyrights, patents, and trademarks.  Key topics include the licensing and acquisition of third-party content, infringement, fair use, digitization, publishing, privacy, the commercialization of university-generated technology, and startup establishment.


The attorneys and staff in the International/Immigration practice area provide legal advice and compliance support for activities abroad as well as those on campus that involve foreign persons, companies, or governments.  Key topics include the application of U.S. and foreign labor, tax, and entity laws; prohibited transactions; and the establishment of academic collaborations.


The attorneys in the Investments practice area provide legal and compliance advice to the University’s Investments Office related to the management of the Yale Endowment.  Key topics include foreign, federal and state securities and tax laws; retention and oversight of third party investment managers; and reporting and disclosure requirements to government agencies and counterparties. 


The attorneys in the Labor/Employment practice area advise on legal issues affecting Yale faculty and staff.  Key topics include labor negotiations and agreements, grievances and arbitrations, best practices, faculty appointments, staffing and personnel issues, compliance with federal and state employment laws, employee benefits, complaints of discrimination and harassment, accommodations for disabilities and workplace safety.


The attorneys and other professionals in the Litigation and Insurance practice area are responsible for managing all litigation affecting the University and work with outside counsel as needed.  These attorneys also work with the Office of Enterprise Risk Management on matters relating to the University’s insurance policies and coverage.  

Real Estate/Construction

The attorneys and other professionals in the Real Estate practice area advise on issues relating to the ownership, management, and use of University property and facilities.  Key topics include maintenance of buildings and grounds, operation of utilities, construction and alteration of buildings, zoning issues, acquisition and disposition of property, and litigation involving real estate. 


The attorneys in the Research practice area provide advice pertaining to Yale’s research activities.  Key topics include compliance programs, federal and state regulation, sponsored grants and contracts, collaborations with corporations and research institutions, clinical trial agreements, material transfer, and the donation of equipment or software.

Student & Academic Affairs

The attorneys in the Student & Academic Affairs practice area advise on issues affecting students in Yale College, the Graduate School, and the professional schools.  Key topics include admissions, student records and privacy, disabilities and accommodations, discrimination and sexual misconduct, student discipline, student complaint procedures, and community safety and crime reporting.

Trust & Estates/Development

The attorneys in the Trusts & Estates/Development practice area advise on issues related to the making and stewardship of individual and institutional gifts.  Key topics include compliance with fiduciary obligations, federal and state tax reporting, restricted giving, structured gifts, and funds administration.