Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a document notarized in the Office of the General Counsel?

Two staff members in the Office of the General Counsel are authorized notaries in Connecticut, and attorneys with the Office of the General Counsel may also notarize official documents for members of the University community.  Please call in advance (203-432-4949) to ensure that a notary will be available. 

How do I get a document legalized or apostilled?

Document legalization is the process of having a document certified so it will be recognized as a legal document in another country.  For assistance with having a document legalized (or apostilled), contact the Office of the General Counsel at (203) 432-4949.

How can I obtain a coy of Yale's Certificate of Legal Existence?

Contact the Office of the General Counsel at 203-432-4949 to request a copy of Yale’s most recent Certificate of Legal Existence issued by the Secretary of the State of Connecticut or click here to request a copy by email.  This document is sometimes also called a Certificate of Incorporation.

May I hire an outside lawyer?

Only the Vice President and General Counsel may retain outside counsel on behalf of the University, for example to handle a matter requiring particular expertise, to manage a large litigation matter, or in the event of a conflict with another matter.