Reporting Insurance Claims to Sedgwick Claims Management

Go to:

Select what type of claim you want to report:

 auto liability, general liability, property    auto liability for reporting accidents to Yale-owned vehicles, third-party vehicles, or both; general liability for reporting bodily injury or property damage to a third party or student; or property for reporting damage to Yale buildings or other Yale-owned property

Enter the first name, last name and email address of the person reporting the claim. 

Access Code: 7470GlobalIntake!

Sedgwick login interface prompts for first name, last name, email address, access code, and CAPTCHA, with submit button

Complete fields with as much information as is known about the loss.  Fields with asterisks are required.  Reporter information is pre-filled from the Login page.  Note: you can denote a different claim contact person later in the report.

You must select a claim Location by clicking the Location Lookup button:

In the Client/Location field, click the Location Lookup button to select a claim location

Search for a loss location using Address (e.g. 2 Whitney Avenue) or Unit Name (e.g. Whitney Grove Square):

Search for loss location or unit name using the "Address" or "Unit Name" fields

If the Location is unavailable or unknown, please choose the first Location on the list:

First location on the list can be selected if the location is not otherwise on the list or is unknown

Hit “Select” and your location will populate into the intake form.

Continue populating fields as you proceed through the form.  Fields will vary based on type of claim.  It’s ok if you don’t have complete information, Sedgwick can complete any missing information once the claim is set-up in their system.

For third party claims (automobile liability or general liability), you must provide claimant information:

Click "Add" button to upload claimant information for third party claims

Select “Claimant” from the drop down and fill in the third party’s information accordingly. 

Fill in the third party's information using this field

If you are NOT the departmental contact for this loss, make sure to provide that person’s information in the Contact Information section:

Contact information fields used if reporter is not also the departmental contact.  Required information is first name, last name, and email address.

Attach all pertinent documents to the form by dragging and dropping or choosing a file from your computer:

File types supported are JPEG, JPG, PNG, DOC, PDF, GIF, RTF, TIF, TXT, DOCX. File sizes must be no larger than 6MB and all uploaded files must be no more than 29MB total.     After selecting a file to upload click the green "Upload" button.

Be sure to click “Upload” after you choose your file!  A file description for the adjuster is helpful, but not required.

Hit the Submit button to submit your first report.

The claim number will be provided once the form is submitted, and the reporter will also receive an automated email confirmation from Sedgwick.  This email also goes to Risk Management and Environmental Health and Safety.  The assigned adjuster will contact the designated departmental contact person within 24 hours.