Out-of-Country Medical Care Coverage

Travel on University Business

Travelers on Yale-related business (including students traveling on study abroad programs or Yale-funded fellowships, doing research, attending conferences, or student organization travel) now have coverage for up to $250,000 in out-of-country medical expenses for treatment for injuries or illness that occur while traveling. This coverage includes 14 days of personal travel deviation. If a traveler extends his/her trip, either before or after the Yale business component of the trip, e.g., to tour the area or visit another country, this coverage will still apply up to a maximum of 14 days.  Please contact risk.management@yale.edu if you have questions regarding whether your travel is considered to be Yale-related business travel.

Note: This coverage does not apply to travel for 100% pleasure purposes (vacation, family business, etc), but evacuation and assistance services are still covered.

Note: This coverage does not apply to treatment rendered in the United States.

Note: This coverage does not apply if the traveler is traveling to his/her country of citizenship.

Note for students taking a leave of absence from Yale College:

ISOS Out-of-Country Medical Care Coverage is available only for students who are traveling on Yale-related business (including students traveling on Yale fellowships or other Yale programs) while on a leave of absence. Students on a leave of absence who are not traveling on Yale-related business do not have ISOS Out-of-Country Medical Care Coverage or coverage through the Yale Health plan.  Please contact Yale Health Member Services for more information and visit the International Toolkit for more insurance options.

Travelers Seeking Medical Coverage

If you are not traveling on Yale-related business, but you would like out-of-country medical care coverage, ISOS offers an additional option.

The enrollment process is performed directly with ISOS through the ISOS individual membership program and a 20% discount is available when using the Yale discount code 11B824535.

Travelers can choose to purchase (1) evacuation and assistance only; (2) evacuation and assistance and medical benefits; or (3) evacuation and assistance, medical benefits, and trip protection, however, please note that there is no need to purchase option (1) as you are already automatically covered for evacuation and assistance under the University’s master program.  

All travelers are also encouraged to review individual or government insurance plans available to you, particularly for ongoing treatment of pre-existing conditions, as the ISOS Out-of-Country Medical Care Coverage does not replace a comprehensive medical insurance plan.

Note:  The Yale Health plan only provides coverage outside of New Haven for urgent or emergency care needs. Student travelers who will be away from Yale for one semester or longer will not maintain coverage through the Yale Health plan, as students are not billed Yale fees for term(s) away from the Yale campus. Contact Yale Health Member Services for more information.

How to file a claim

Yale travelers who did not open a case with International SOS may file a claim for reimbursement of medically necessary expenses directly with AIG.  Notice of claim should be provided no later than 60 days from treatment or as soon as reasonably possible.  Please download a copy of the claim form and complete the requested information.  Include copies of supporting documentation and submit the completed and signed claim form to AIG Claims:  ahclaims@aig.com

Supporting documentation includes itemized bills and copies of receipts for all medical expenses or prescription medications.  Documentation should also include claimant’s name, condition treated (diagnosis), description of services, date of services, and the charge made for each service.  If additional information is required to process your claim, the assigned claims examiner will contact you by phone or written correspondence.  Written correspondence will be mailed to the address provided on the claim form.  Additional details, including AIG contact information, are available on this overview document.

Please contact the Office of Risk Management if you have questions about Out-of-Country Medical Care coverage.