Verification of Coverage

Travelers requiring documentation to verify coverage to meet visa requirements may download the applicable AIG visa letter as follows:

  1. Letter for international travelers on Yale business (including study abroad, research, and University business).
  2. Letter for international travelers on personal/leisure trips:  you will need to contact your medical insurance provider (such as Yale Health) for verification of your medical coverage.

Note:  The traveler is responsible for using the correct letter, for the accuracy of the information they use to complete the visa letter, and for using the letter appropriately. 

Note:  This letter may not be used in connection with travel to or involving Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, North Korea, or the Crimea region (Ukraine/Russia).  Contact the Office of Risk Management for assistance with visa letter needs for these destinations.

Traveling after 8/31/2024?

Our program with ISOS will renew on 8/31/2024. If you need to provide proof of coverage for travel that extends beyond that date, please use this letter. We should have updated information posted sometime in early summer 2024.