ISOS Services

Medical and Travel Assistance
Dedicated Scholastic Line + 1.215.942.8478

• Arrange evacuations and repatriations
• Emergency and routine medical advice
• Travel health information
• Medical and dental referrals
• Coordination of insured medical benefits
• Access to International SOS clinics
• Emergency message transmission
• Emergency translation and interpreter services
• Lost document advice and assistance
• Arrange ground transportation and hotel for accompanying family members
• Mental Health Support
• Assistance App with LiveChat

Security Assistance

• Arrange evacuations
• Legal referrals
• 24 hour access to International SOS Security specialists
• Real time security and safety information
• Access to Security Crisis Center

Online Tools

• Online Scholastic membership website
• Country guides
• Email alerts

Other Services

• Out-patient case management
• In-patient admission
• Dispatch of prescription medication and medical equipment