UnitedHealthcare Global Travel Assistance

UHCGlobal provides international and domestic emergency medical, security and travel assistance services anywhere in the world. 

  • Multilingual assistance is available 24/7/365. 
  • Coverage applies to business and personal travel 100 miles or more away from your permanent residence.

UHCGlobal is not health insurance and should not be confused with coverage by Yale Health or other health insurance providers.

While traveling, your UHCGlobal ID card is your key to travel security. To contact UHCGlobal, simply call collect, or use the toll–free in country numbers listed on the ID card.

Certain coverage terms, conditions and exclusions apply and should be understood prior to travel as described in the UHCGlobal SECURE Program Description Guide.

Click on the headings below for more information.  A list of resources is available in the menu to the right.

Yale University provides UHCGlobal Travel Assistance at no cost to all current students, current University employees, and immediate family members traveling with University employees. See “Coverage for Dependents,” below, for more information about obtaining coverage for immediate family members of a current University employee who may be traveling separately. 

Coverage for Graduating Students

UHCGlobal coverage will continue through August 31st following graduation.

For students traveling after graduation due to the award of a Yale sponsored grant or fellowship, coverage will continue at no cost for the duration of the award. Award administrators are to notify UHCGlobal of these students using the “Small Group” enrollment roster.

Coverage for Retirees

UHCGlobal is not available for retired faculty or staff members, but it is available to Emeritus Faculty.

Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Transportation to Join a Hospitalized Participant
  • Return of Dependent Children
  • Transportation After Stabilization
  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains

Emergency Political & Security Transportation

  • Security Evacuation
  • Political Evacuation
  • Lodging Expenses during Evacuation
  • Transportation to Departure Point
  • Transportation After Evacuation

Natural Disaster Evacuation Services

  • Natural Disaster Evacuation
  • Transportation to Departure Point
  • Lodging Expenses during Evacuation
  • Transportation After Natural Disaster Evacuation

Medical Assistance Services

  • Worldwide Medical and Dental Referrals
  • Monitoring of Treatment
  • Facilitation of Hospital Payment
  • Transfer of Insurance Information to Medical Providers
  • Coordination of Medication, Vaccine and Blood Transfers
  • Assistance in the Replacement of Corrective Lenses and Medical Devices
  • Dispatch of Doctors and Specialists
  • Medical Records Transfer
  • Continuous Updates to Family, Home Physician, and Employer (or School)
  • Hotel Arrangements for Convalescence

Travel Assistance Services

  •  Emergency Travel Arrangements
  • Transfer of Funds
  • Assistance in the Replacement of Lost or Stolen Travel Documents
  • Legal Referrals
  • Translation Services
  • Message Terminals

Personal Security Services

  • Real–time Security Intelligence
  • Referrals to specialized Security Providers
  • Crisis Management/Evacuation Planning

Full Details can be found in the UHCGlobal Program Description Guide.

Yale students and current University employees are automatically enrolled in UHCGlobal and provided access to the UHCGlobal Online Member Center.  (Any Yale students, faculty or staff who experience difficulty in accessing the Member Center should send an email to iocc@yale.edu.)   

Member center contents include:

Country Information

  • Country threat ratings including specific reasons for the ratings
  • World watch country information for detailed real time information on current events and risks by country
  • TSM Essentials highlighting travel information for hundreds of cities around the world
  • Hot spots providing a synopsis of the day’s security events from around the world

Latest Alerts

  • Links to information about the latest medical and security issues around the world

Airline Insider

  • Up to date ratings and safety assessments for more than 300 international airlines

UHC Global 360°m Global Medical Monitor

  • Destination specific Health Information on medical care, diseases and health risks, immunizations, emergency services, hospital care & locations, and more.
  • Worldwide Medical Alerts and a Medical Rating System lets you quickly evaluate the health care situation in any country.

Travel Safety Tips

  • Useful tools for travelers including hotel security tips, maintaining a low profile, travel tips for women, etc.

Can I add dependents?

UHCGlobal coverage is automatically extended to the spouse and legal dependents, (including same sex partners eligible for other University benefits), of University students and current employees whenever they travel together.

Coverage for dependents not traveling with you

To obtain coverage for dependents who are planning to travel independently, University members may contact UHCGlobal directly from their Yale.edu email address to request enrollment. The rate is $6.50 per month and includes a personalized ID card issued by UHCGlobal.

Contact Christen Street at christen.street@uhcglobal.com.

What about non–Yale chaperones, volunteers or guides traveling with a University sponsored program?

“Small Group” coverage is available for non–Yale affiliates who intend to travel with a University sponsored group. The current rate for “Small Group” participants is $6.00 per month.  The enrollment process is performed directly with UHCGlobal.

Please contact Christen Street at christen.street@uhcglobal.com for instructions.