Reporting Accidents/Insurance Claims

For reporting of Property, Auto, and Liability claims, click “Report a Claim” and use the login details listed below:

Report a Claim

*Note: Internet Explorer is the preferred browser for York Risk Services.

  • Login: Yale.U
  • Current Password: Yale1234!
  • Company: York

For reporting Workers’ Compensation claims, please visit the Workers’ Compensation webpage.

Click here for complete instructions on how to use the York claims reporting system.

The Office of Risk Management recommends reports be submitted even if it is not believed at the time of the accident or incident that there were any injuries or damage. Reporting the accident or incident immediately allows York and the Office of Risk Management to perform a timely investigation of the facts and circumstances surrounding an accident or incident, in case injury or damage is discovered later.  Please also file a report if the incident was a “near miss”.  That will help to better evaluate trends and prevent future incidents.

Deductibles are charged to departments for property and automobile claims.  Please contact risk management for more information on the deductible process. 

Note: late reporting of claims may not be covered by our insurance and may cause the department to be responsible for all costs.  Please file reports on a timely basis.