Senior Administrator Conflict of Interest Disclosure Process

The University has implemented an annual conflict of interest disclosure process for certain senior administrators in the University. Disclosure forms are submitted annually (and as needed) to OGC by those staff who, by virtue of their positions at the University, have been designated to participate in the process. The forms are reviewed and managed by OGC in consultation with the Vice President and General Counsel and the Vice President for Finance and Business Operations.

Forms are signed by the staff member and his or her supervisor, and submitted to OGC in hard copy. They are treated confidentially.

Click here if you would like to download a pdf version of the Form and accompanying instruction sheet.

Disclosure forms will be sent annually to individuals who hold positions that are designated for participation in the disclosure process.

For general information about University standards on conflict of interest, please review the Yale University Policy on Conflict of Interest and Commitment, available at the Provost’s website and Yale University Personnel Policies and Practices Manual § 605.

If you have a question about the Senior Administrator disclosure process, or specific potential or actual conflicts of interest, please feel free to contact OGC.