Legal Reference and Links Index

This index contains all of the Legal Reference resources and Related Links that are listed throughout the Office of the General Counsel website.  For your convenience, these resources also appear on those Practice Area web pages to which they relate.

Links to Other Yale Websites

Division of Finance

Policies and Procedures, Division of Finance

Division of the Vice President and General Counsel

Office of Cooperative Research

Policies and Guidelines, Office of Cooperative Research

Office of Digital Assets and Infrastructure

Office of Grant & Contract Administration

Policies, Office of Grant & Contract Administration

Office of Human Resources

Office of International Affairs

Office of International Students & Scholars

Office of Research Administration

Conflicts of Interest Office, Policies and Procedures

Human Research Protection Program, Policies and Procedures

Office of the Controller

Office of the Provost

Policies, Office of the Provost

Office of the Vice President of the University

University Properties

Yale College

Yale Environmental Health & Safety

Yale Information Technology Services

Yale Investments Office

Yale Procurement

Yale School of Medicine

Yale University

Yale University Library